Homestead Springs Farm is located in the beautiful Blue Mountains of Northeast Oregon. Our corner of Oregon is rural and remote. Farming and ranching are the primary occupations. ​


At Homestead Springs we raise grass-fed lamb, pastured pork and free-range poultry along with bountiful vegetable gardens. We are fortunate to live with abundant wildlife. Elk, deer and wild turkey are frequent visitors to our pastures. Coyote, wolf and bear make their living in our woodlands. We understand that living in harmony with predators is essential to the health of the ecosystem therefore we partner with livestock guardian dogs to ensure the safety of our livestock. The Turkish Boz Shepherd is our breed of choice for their excellent disposition, courage and the strong bond they form with their charges.

Homestead Springs Farm is also the home of
Northwest Skillet Company!
















Northwest Skillet Company can be found inside the blacksmith's shop at Homestead Springs Farm nestled in the Grande Ronde Valley of Northeast Oregon. 

Sharing fresh food artfully prepared is one of the great joys of life. Here at Homestead Springs the forge and the farm converge at the table with beautiful results!

We believe our hand-forged skillets and cookware to be the finest available. We also believe your kitchenware should be as beautiful as the food you are preparing.

Click the button to learn more about blacksmith Peter Clark and his work!


About Homestead Springs Farm

Contact us about Boz Shepherds at 541-605-8286 or email

See what else we are up to on the farm at the Northwest Skillet Company website. 

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