What is a Boz Shepherd?

The Turkish Boz Shepherd is a large, athletic, capable and extremely intelligent livestock guardian landrace breed. 


Boz Shepherds originated as a regional variant of the livestock guardian dogs found throughout Turkey. They are the dog of the Yoruk Nomadic Turkmen and evolved over thousands of years with this nomadic culture in the southern Taurus Mountain region.

Rare in the US, Boz are known and prized by those that partner with them for their even temperament, affinity for their people and dedication to their flock. The Boz is an unparalleled protector. 


Turkish Boz Shepherds have the size, speed, strength and courage to stand up to North America’s largest predators yet they are easily socialized to people. Calm, alert and perceptive, they react with a measured response making them a versatile breed that excels as a livestock guardian on large or small farms and ranches. 

Livestock guardian dogs (LGD) have been bred for the purpose of protecting livestock from predators. Many breeds have been developed for this use around the world by ancient pastoral cultures.


LGDs bond with their livestock, living full time with the animals they protect and becoming a trusted part of the flock or herd. A good LGD will defend their charges with their life. 

Livestock guardian breeds differ greatly from other working dogs such as the herding breeds. LGDs have a low prey drive and an innate ability to bond with their charges. They follow the herd rather than drive it. LGDs typically display a low level of activity. They monitor the flock, patrol perimeters as they see fit and "sleep with one eye open", ready to spring into action at the first sign of a threat.

LGDs can be a predator friendly approach to protecting livestock as the presence of large guardian dogs often acts as a deterrent, eliminating the need for a confrontation.

What is a Livestock Guardian Dog?